God’s Love

I have talked a lot with friends recently about how we learn to trust God in all circumstances. We all know the verse about bringing our burdens to him but how much harder it is to leave them with him, of finding a way of letting go and letting God move in a situation to bring about change. God’s love is for us, he wants the best for us, he has plan A for our lives.
I have just returned from Marg Davey’s funeral and heard about God’s love in action in Marg’s life. So many testimonies and tributes to a remarkable lady for whom we all have our own memories. For me it was her ability to make you feel good about yourself, always feeling better for having spent time with her. I have kept letters which Marg had written to me over the years, always supportive, encouraging and scriptural! Always ending with a verse for me to mull over! Every now and then someone will come into our life who will enhance and enrich it, those who esteem us, encourage us, who are rooting for us, interested in every aspect of our life including our families, often unknown, who want the best for us and pray for that to happen. Those whose value of others somehow helps us to value ourselves more. Sounds a lot like God’s love to me.
Marg has gone now and we shall all miss her terribly but she has left a legacy that we must never forget. Not only a legacy of two beautiful and talented young ladies who are a credit to her and Lest but a legacy too of that love that Jesus says is recognisable in his disciples for each other and is borne out of time spent with God, reading and knowing his word, praying and being still with him, allowing his transforming power to slowly change us into his image, keeping short accounts with him, dealing with issues and obstacles, keeping our relationships wholesome and positive and turning our own sadnesses, griefs and struggles into a way of identifying with, empathising with and comforting others.
The most important thing on Jesus’ mind the night before he was arrested was that we would love each other and be one with each other and his last prayer was that we, as believers would be brought to complete unity to prove Jesus to the world. Marg was an inspirational example of this and I am so thankful to have known her. Shirley Wallin