Values, Vision, Mission

As I sit to write this the part of my work uppermost in my mind is our review of the Mission Plan for 2019. I have had a number of conversations reviewing this now and need to start pulling those together. My conversations have included that which we had at the Leaders’/PCC’s day away. This included the clergy and Lay Readers, the PCC and Small Group leaders together for a day and much of the discussion looked at the legal parts of being a church, the detail of running church and ministry, as well as some of the cultural development of church too, especially thinking about ‘family’. Then last Saturday I met with the ILT, or Interim Leadership Team. This is a group of people I’ve asked to meet with me occasionally, drawn initially from those Pete took to a learning community on church growth and culture, so that the big picture thinking about culture and growth learnt at the learning community don’t get lost in the business of maintaining church life, buildings, ministry and structures. So we looked at the Mission Plan from the point of view of how the culture and vision for growth is written into this, thinking particularly about Welcome and Hospitality, the Church Community and Mission. I want to talk to a few individuals who head up practical areas of church maintenance and mission as well. Most importantly though, I want to challenge each one of us who make up St Luke’s to be thinking about the values, vision and mission we have as a church. You may want to start with your own values as a Christian and sense of vision or mission as one who belongs to God. And then I’d love your input into the Church Mission Plan. We are together the church so this is your mission plan in a corporate, community sense. So please do think about what we are called to do and be as a church and how that’s reflected in the life of St Luke’s as you know it. God calls us, in Habbakuk 2.2, to write the vision we have down and make it plain for others to read and share, so that’s what we’re doing. Please do join in this process by writing down your thoughts and letting me have them.
Amanda Bruce