Signs and Wonders

It’s recorded in Acts that the disciples performed miracles and many signs and wonders. Is there a difference between them, and if there is, is it important? In Acts chapter 5, Luke says the sick and those possessed by evil spirits were healed. Such examples were miracles.
Earlier in the chapter it says the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders. It’s been suggested by more informed people than me, that these signs and wonders were to do with the kindly, loving and constant response the followers of Jesus had towards individuals in their society who were considered outcasts: the disabled, the widows, those individuals suffering from diseases such as leprosy. The early Christians continued to live where they were and were recognised as people who welcomed and cared for the outcast. Such behaviour was unheard of at that time.
If you, I and others witnessed a miracle today how would we respond? Would it increase our faith and result in thousands of converts or would many just want to see an even greater miracle? Whatever the answer is miracles come and go. Of more importance is the regular, loving caring attitude and hands on response of the many among us who are willing to work with, care for and promote the welfare of today’s oppressed, whether in this country or overseas. Many in our church and others have been performing these signs and wonders for years. God loves us for it.
Take time this week to pray for those we know, and you might be one of them, who are performing signs and wonders in this generation by working with, helping and in many other ways, assisting individuals whose legal status, physical and mental incapacity and homelessness can sometimes make them inconvenient to society.
Richie Brown