Season of Preparation

So once again we start a new year in Church Calendar terms. The first Sunday of Advent
is the 2nd December and so starts our time of preparation in hope of the arrival of Jesus
into our world this coming Christmas. Of course, we have lots to prepare for Christmas
festivities and parties and family visits, but will we also make time, above and beyond our
own practical preparations, to prepare our hearts and minds for a greater infilling of
Jesus? How will you do that? Will you share that with others in your family or among
your friends? There are all sorts of published devotionals you could use, or do you want
to do something more practical? What might that be?
One of the ways we are preparing at St Luke’s is by making sure we have Advent before
Christmas in our worship times. One of those services will be the Toy Service on the 9th
Dec. which is when we can remember quite definitely that we have enough and others
don’t and that we can prepare the way for God’s love in their lives by giving of our
comparative abundance. At this service we will collect toys for a child and pass them onto
SWACA or Sefton Helping Hands and they will give them as Christmas gifts to children in
need. Or you can use the Foodbank Countdown Calendar to put together a food box of
the things most needed in the foodbank. They will use what we bring to Church on the 9th
Dec to feed hungry families this Christmas. The toys will go around the Communion
Table for allocating and sending and the food bank collection will go under our Christmas
tree in the Welcome Area (which will be decorated by the children from Stepping Stones/
Pram Club this year) and will then go to the foodbank in South Sefton on Monday 10th
Dec. If you’d like to help with the distribution of the toys or food on that Monday then
please see Agnes Law or Amanda Bruce. The Christmas Tree will then have renewed
space under it if you want to continue to collect for the foodbank or the Seafarers Mission,
which Eric Deninson is collecting for too – please place offerings under the tree, clearly
labelled to be sent onto the right people for giving away.
In our practical collecting of needed food and toiletries, hats and gloves, and presents for
gifts, we are giving of God’s love to others. This love, in them and us, prepares the way
for the love of Jesus to be a settled part of our lives and the world around us. Let’s
prepare well for Christ this Advent and so welcome him on Christmas Day with grateful
and open hearts.
Amanda Bruce