Our Everyday Speech

We all regret things we have said and sometimes wish we could go back and start again. Once we have spoken, our words are out there and they cannot be recalled.
There are some things that I would like to highlight about the things we say. First of all our words are our responsibility. We do not have to repeat things. Jesus said that it is what comes out of our mouths that defile us because they come from the heart (Matt 15:18). If we are living by the Spirit our speech should reflect this. If our thoughts are evil then they will be reflected in our words. Our motives are very important. We can speak truthfully but without love. What we say can either build up or be damaging. In Ephesians 4:15 we read that we should speak the truth in love if we are going to build up the body of Christ.
Wisdom is a great gift and if we have insight into the situations and problems of others, we will choose our words carefully. Much has been said about political correctness. My view is that if we are being encouraged to think more about the effect our words have on others, then this a good thing most of the time.

Alan Lewney