Does The End Justify The Means?

Many American Christians believe Donald Trump is a modern day Cyrus and should be supported, despite his obvious failings and lack of Christian faith. Cyrus defeated Nebuchadnezzar, thus allowing the Jewish people who had been exiled to return to Israel. Back in Israel, they rebuilt the temple and began worshipping God again. These same Christians see the American decision to move their embassy to Jerusalem a necessary stage towards Israel having their temple rebuilt: one of the last prophecies before Jesus returns. It seems to me that they believe the end justifies the means.
Consider President Trump’s means. Denying almost every immigrant a safe haven, sending parents home from American internment camps and leaving, in many cases, their children in those camps for months and I could go on but rather than that I pose the question what would Jesus say and do? Jesus, who with his parents, had been a refugee in a strange land, would speak out against the many world leaders whose actions lead to people fleeing their countries and demanding they treat all their people with justice. Turning to Israel He would welcome Israel having their own land but would be vehemently critical of its government’s appalling treatment of the Palestinians.
Turning to the individual, that is, you and I or President Trump, he would remind us of the two great commandments and in their reflected light he would expect our thoughts, our plans, our actions to be God centred. In God’s light there would be no room for misogyny, for selfishness, pride, envy and other sins. Being a good neighbour will stop us justifying ourselves in wrong actions but will help us to see a clear way forward to spread God’s welcoming love to others.

Richie Brown