Junior Church

Junior church meets on the first and third Sundays of the month.

Little Lights

(for pre school children)


(school year 1-2)  Leaders: Nicky Fell, Bev Seel

The Clamberers group are brought from the Church service to the Church Hall by their parent/carer. A completed attendance slip (available from the Welcome Table in the church entrance) is given to a leader, the parent/carer then returns to the church service.
For approximately the next 30 minutes we have a fun time learning of Jesus. We do this through stories, craft, song, prayer, drama and games.
At the end of the session the children remain in the hall until their parent/carer collects them.


school years 3 to 5 (7 to 10 yr olds)   Leaders: Sylvia Brown, Dianne Kerr and Kim Sonne

The Explorer group meets together on the first and third Sunday in the month, in the Parish Centre.
We spend approximately 30 minutes together learning more about Jesus and how He wants us to live our lives. We do this through Bible stories, dramas, crafts, quizzes, prayer and worship. It is a time for having un and developing friendships.

Double Digits

school years 6 to 8 (10 to 13 yr olds)  Leaders: Jane and Paul Fell

God Squad members enjoy fellowship and friendship and learn more about Jesus’ life and love for us. They are encouraged to think about all kinds of issues that can affect young people today through discussion, video and role play, finding ways to understand each other by relat- ing these issues to the Bible. In the process they are able to explore their faith to a deeper level, which helps them begin to make their own choices in life.


school years 9 to 13 (age 13 to 17)

TAG welcomes all those wanting to know God and have some fun. We meet every other Tues night from 7.30 to 9.30 pm in the Crosby Room and each 1st and 3rd Sunday in Crossroads from 11.30 am to 12.15 pm. We have one or two weekends away each year, a termly trip whether ice skating, bowling, stay awake 6 pm to 6 am or mud-wrestling! We welcome those from St Luke’s, other churches or none. We also have extra activities with the puppet team, youth band and TAG+.

Junior Church Mission Statement

St Luke’s offers a welcome to young and old alike, and the 11.00 am service particularly welcomes families with children including the very young. We have activity bags available and an area set aside for our little ones for the short time spent in the church service, before we go to the hall for a fun time in Junior Church. Come and join us as we learn together about Jesus’ love for us all.

Jesus said
“Let the children come to
me and do not stop them,
because the kingdom of
heaven belongs to such
as these.”